coronavirus para Leigos

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A study by European scientists is the first to document a strong statistical link between genetic variations and Covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.

Most respiratory droplets fall to the ground within a few feet. People who are in close contact with those infected, particularly family members and health care workers, may catch the virus this way.

This provides validation that pharmacological alteration of chromatin modifications has tangible clinical benefit. A new generation of drugs acting on a broad range of epigentic enzymes that act as writers, erasers and readers of the epigenome are currently in clinical and pre-clinical evaluation. Our lab is interested in understanding their biological mechanism of action in the cancer cell and on the immune system.

A medical drama series portraying patient-doctor dramas in a substandard hospital in the suburbs of Rio do Janeiro.

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Значительная часть продукции поступает на экспорт, преимущественно в соседние латиноамериканские и африканские страны.

Drugs are in development which target these proteins and the different steps of viral replication. A number of vaccines using different methods are also under development for different human coronaviruses.[43]

People infected with the virus produce check here tiny respiratory droplets when they breathe, talk, cough or sneeze, allowing the virus to travel through the air.

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